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That light

Veronica is cleaning the ship's hold with a powerful water hose.

I thought this could potentially provide some good photo options. Water, light, a lot of dark areas and some real life action, what more can you want.

Measuring the light was a challenge. 
If you expose for the overall scene the way your light meter will suggest, where the meter wants to create detail in the shadow areas, you end up with blown unrecoverable highlights. The contrast is just too big. In other words, automatic exposure is out of the question.

As you might know I use a Leica M10, which uses a center-weighted light meter. That helps a bit in these circumstances because it will allow me to select my metered subject as opposed to multi-field exposure systems where the camera's electronics decide on what to meter and how to expose. 

A spot meter would be the technically preferred option, because with that I could meter the exact dynamic range of the scene, but with the changing positions of Veronica and the w…