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Berlin indeed.

The cover picture might give the plot away. This is not about a recent visit, this is about Berlin in 1980.

The year before I had dropped out of photography school, I got extremely board with the pure technical approach they adopted there and I took an external photography exam, passed it and could officially call myself a Professional Photographer, certified and all. In those days you needed that certificate to set up any type of commercial photography business.

I was getting more and more attracted to photojournalism and by chance I met a girl with somewhat similar ambitions, Jacqueline de Gier . She was also into fashion design in those days, that's how I met her, I think I was asked to cover a fashion show of her.

Anyway, long story short: We where looking for interesting journalistic stories and decided to go to Berlin. By the way, we had no payed jobs in those days, worked on-and-off on little projects and assignments and we were always very short on cash, but hey…