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Blue 'n White

Usually I am not such a big fan of studies in form and colour, but hey, who cares ...

Indian Summer

Just a view during an evening walk

Rain in August

This morning it was raining, and that is always good for photography.

But photographing 'rain' is not easy, at least not for me. It is difficult to catch the water coming down, so I focus more on the effect it has on my surroundings.

It seemed that I had to do this in black & white, so I set the camera to BW (I use OOC JPEGS's if possible, Fuji X100s), ISO to 800.
I wanted to catch as much of the real rain as possible. I set the shutter speed to 1/60, not wanting to freeze the drops while they fall. That usually works.

So, I took quit a few shots of water running down, some wet asphalt, but it was not really happening. And I was getting wet.

I tried some cars and their headlights, but it was still not all that exciting.

After a while I had the feeling that I was not getting anything more, so I headed for home, not sure about the results. Maybe not today.

Going through the images, I found a few nice ones, but as I feared, it was not really there. No problem, it will ra…

August light

It starts to show that summer is slowly coming to an end. The sun has a different angle and sets earlier again. The light is warmer. August, in other words.

I noticed the light falling on the fly curtain, beautiful patches of light playing around, chasing each other.
The light proved difficult to catch in two dimensions.  I tried some approaches, but it was not showing these light patches that I was looking for. I was too close, so there was to much detail, the patches got lost somehow. But taking more distance did not work either.

Then I realised that, if the sun was on the fly curtain, I would have it in backlight if I changed my angle.
That would not be what attracted me in the first place, but it might work.
I took one picture, that was enough.
It is ok for me.