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At the beach

I have this slumbering project on beach resorts, I guess this one will be part of that.
Again, I am not sure I want to discuss what we are looking at. Let's just say I took a few pictures of this.

Quiet surreal.
Technically not much to add, I exposed for the shadows, and maybe even a little too much, the grain is a little excessive for this film + developer combination.

No Title

I think a photograph should tell a story, should be more then just pleasing to the eye. Even better, for me the story is much more important.
I am done with simple pleasing pictures, like Blue 'n White and some other previous posts.
I want to challenge my viewers to invent their own story, get the imagination to work. This is a nice example. I won't even start to explain to you what I see here, you can make that up for yourself.

I also believe in adding layers to a picture, having things happening at several places. Not easy, but very rewarding when you get it right. That means that you can look several times at a photograph and discover something extra from time to time. That also worked for me, here.

Also, I don't think anyone with a bit of artistic ambition is ever 100% satisfied. That would kill the process. We never create the work that does it all, has it all.
For me, there are some flaws here too, something to improve on, next time I try. That's the fun. And fo…

At Night

I don't think I am going to tell you what you are looking at.
The what was there, but the how, not that simple.
There was not much light, and I needed some depth of field to make both foreground and background recognisable, meaning a relative long exposure, even at ISO 400. Not sure what the actual combination was, I think f8 at 1/2 second or something like that. I used my monopod to handle the long exposure, giving me enough support to prevent the camera from shaking. A real life-saver sometimes, a nice lightweight although unstable platform. Unstable as in riding a motorcycle, part of the experience, just something to get used to.
Obviously the image at the bottom, the crossing and the light on top had to be in the picture, but should not be blocked by the window, and with a Leica, that's not so easily achieved because of the so called lens parallax, in short the fact that you are not looking through the lens that will make the picture. In this case the lens was a little to…