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Black White Grey

Black and White on a digital camera designed for color. Not easy. Very easy. Depends on your wishes.

I adore the quality of my Black and White scans from real film. See some previous posts. And that quality is impossible to reproduce using a digital camera and a software based 'developer'. No matter what film simulation add-on you use, no matter what Lightroom and Photoshop or Capture One settings one figures out, it is not the same. Not surprising as they are two completely different beasts.

Even the results I see from Leica Monochrome camera's do not look like 'film' to me. Very beautiful digital images, but not film.

But can we get close?
In Black and White film, the dark parts of a film image tend to loose detail. The light parts on the other hand maintain an unbelievable amount of detail when scanned and processed right. This can be influenced a little by the exposure and development of the original film negative, but the general characteristics stand.

Digital on t…

White Out

A very special day at the Oosterschelde. Hardly any wind, the horizon seemed to disappear completely. If it would not be for the sand-bank you could not see where the water stops and the sky begins.

These photographs are only possible when you are at the right place at the right time and that's not that easily to obtain on open water, but we are very fortunate to have work that enables these opportunities 'just like that', they just happen.