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At the station

Nathalie taking the train to Leuven.

I like to take photos when the light gets difficult. Things are happening.
But it is usually not easy.

In this case, there was not much light, what we called 'available light' in the film days, and the light that there was would change constantly, depending on the distance to the lights.

In these fast changing conditions, I want to concentrate on the things that happen around me, and I do not want to think to much about the technique.
Focusing is a technique part. Sometimes, auto focus can solve that problem, but not in this case.
The (otherwise very good) AF on the X100s could not handle this. So, manual focus.

Not a real problem, manual focus on this camera is excellent, better then classic SLR's and for me even better then Leica. I used the standard focusing option for a while, and when things started to move (when the train arrived), I switched to focus peaking. Focus peaking is less precise, but I think that in this case 'clos…