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Three layers

At Terneuzen, strolling along the Westerschelde. 
While sitting on a breaker and enjoying the sun I decided to create a photograph where I would force the attention on one single pane in the picture, using the depth of field, or better the lack of depth-of-field.
The two people on the beach would be the main focus point.
To achieve this I tried to have the first pane, the foreground, sufficiently close to the camera to be blurred and I could only hope that the subjects in the third pane, the ships, would be enough out of focus as well. I use a rangefinder camera, so I could only check if my attempt worked out after the picture was taken.
This was a '50mm day', meaning I went out with my 50 mm Summicron attached to the camera and nothing else. Selecting only one lens can be very liberating and forces you to focus on a pictures content and not on what lens to select for your next photograph. You have no choice, which is a good thing, you can concentrate on that what really matters.