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O Dear

No posts in a long time. A lot has happened in our personal life, no time for the internet and no time to develop and scan my films. I tried almost all commercial labs, but am very unhappy with their scans, they can not mach what I do on my little Epson. So film was becoming a bit of a dead end. 

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. Leica announced the M10 and for the first time I had the feeling this was indeed a digital Leica I would like to own. Yeah, who would not.

Unavailable and very very expensive.

Then I happened to be in Amsterdam, and behold, Nivo-Schweizer had a black M10 on display, one of the first. I looked at my wife, "If we go in we know we will buy this, are we going to do that"? Ofcourse we did. We went in, they even had a boxed one in the back so we bought it and unpacked the thing right there, let them throw away the boxes, inserted an SD card and walked out to take some pictures. This will probably never happen again, we cannot really afford this, bu…