Gay Paris

Now this is our actual daily life. Passing through Paris on the Seine.
Not every day, but it is something we do on a regular basis. We travel Europe and that includes Paris, from time to time.

Not that special, if you live in Paris you do it all day, but never the less.

I knew we where going through the central city at an hour that might be very opportune for some nice photographs, so I prepared the camera on forehand, knowing I would not be able to set much once we would be at the actual site due to the heavy Seine barge traffic and the narrow bridges that would require my full attention.

I selected the 35mm and set the ISO to 3200, shutter speed to 1/60s, aperture f4.
This would allow for handheld picture taking and seemed to me the best compromise. I test fired some shots once we got going, reviewed them in-camera and adjusted my exposure a little to 1/45s of a second. Once at the Bras de la Monnaie near the Notre Dame I was all set for a nice one.