At the Fair

I love a good Fair, always a lot of opportunities for a good picture. The one at Saint-Jean-de-Luz in France is particularly good.

I walked around, camera in my hand with the strap rapped around my arm, camera slightly behind my back. For me this works good, the camera is ready to be used, but nobody will notice you as a photographer, you can be very discreet. The camera is all set, ISO is a given with film, I set the aperture and shutter speed before I start. I also set the distance to something like 2 meters, which is usually more-or-less right for the type of picture I expect to be making here. This works superb on a Leica, it is actually the main reason I use it.

When I saw this girl I raised the camera to my eye, re-adjusted the distance using the range-finder (having set the distance beforehand required only a very minor turn) and click, there she was.

This is another one at the same Fair. Who says you can not get in-focus shots from a moving subject with a rangefinder?