The light was magnificent, low evening sun, full of promise.
I knew there where great pictures in the air, I only had to grab them.

In conditions like that I become very focussed, single minded and unsocial.
There are pictures to be found, never mind the rest.

While climbing the escalator, I saw these women coming down, I had no time to set anything, I just raised the camera and clicked.

Mind you, this is an M6, no Auto-anything as we know it today (but a lot of automation in it's days LOL). I always pre-set my exposure to a setting that more-or-less suits the environment I am in, and sometimes a zone-focussing distance, but not this time. You can see that the girl in the center is out of focus, the focus seems to be set to a greater distance, look at the person in the back. Probably ∞ .

But all that technical bla is completely irrelevant here.
See & Shoot, think later.

I love this picture, it is a direction of style I would like to go to.
For me, this invites you as a viewer to make up your own story, there is a whole book in here if you want. At the same time it remains visually attractive, there is composition, light, contrast, everything.
And a lot of mystery.
This is one of those photographs that works best without any comment or subtitle.

On a technical side, I think that the lens, my Biogon, performed outstanding, look at the lack of flare form the sun in the centre. Zeiss T* indeed. It would have looked very different with e.g. a multi-element complicated zoom lens, much more ghosting and flare.
It is completely irrelevant, but at the same time makes the picture.

It matters, but at the same time it does not.
Nice controversy.