While doing some shopping and taking care of things we had to do, I was busy taking pictures.
The world of train stations is allways an intriguing place for me, a lot of people things happening.

I noticed this woman at a ticket machine, and the light from the display reflected on her face.
I always set my exposure as soon as I find myself in a photographable place, so I just had to focus and pick the right moment. I took two pictures of her, the second one was right.
Looking back, it might have been even better if I would have moved a fraction more to the right, to see a little more of her face reflected in the machine, but I am not sure we would still see the girl in the background like we do now. There is already a lot happening when you make the picture, your technique, her expression, the composition, the background, the best moment, mostly all by instinct, but a conscious decision at the same time. A wonderful process.

This is so good about a camera with a windowed viewfinder instead of a reflex, you see the complete scene, front and back.