Back to Basics


Finaly another post after some months.
It took a while because I changed my approach to photography, and I had to learn part of the trade again.

I bought myself an old and cheap Leica M6 (cheap for Leica standards) from Germany, found a nice Carl Zeiss Biogon 35mm in Japan, had the camera overhauled at the factory (not cheap by any standard) and started shooting film again. And I love every second of it.

I love the basic simplicity of a film camera. Shutterspeed, aperture, focus. That's it.

Why the Leica?
I adore viewfinder camera's (as opposed to a reflex), because you are not distracted by the process of focusing. You look through the viewfinder and everything is clear, in focus. You can concentrate on content. With these cameras you are forced to prepare your shot, have everything ready before you can take whatever shot you have in mind. Anticipate. Prepare your exposure, focus ... and wait for the moment, let things unfold in front of you. And when it happens, you only have to raise the camera and 'click'. Done.

I think I discovered that a digital camera is, basicly, a computer with a lens and a sensor.
I want a real camera.
No more menues to dig into before my camera is set. No need to buy another upgrade every time. no need to check if the AF 'got it'.

My camera will last a lifetime. I will never have to replace it.

If I want another look, I will buy another film type.

If I want the Leica Monochrom approach I don't have to spend an insane amount of cash, I just buy a B&W film, costs under 10 euros including development. And the result is better, it is actually the 'real thing' thal all others are trying to mimic.

So, why the learning? I shot film my whole adult life.
Scanning and getting good quality is not all that evident, especially when using colour film. Work in progress.

The above pictures where shot in Köln, Germany, on Portra 160 film. And I like it!