Sometimes it can be difficult to decide when to click.

The picture itself is there in your mind. You know the 'what', the sentiment you want to capture.
But when..

The lines, the people, the technical stuff on the ceiling, not difficult to see.
But there would be a lot of people in the frame, and they should be, but which one to choose as main actor, what expression or movement or silhouette to wait for?

In the end, I took a few different frames, concentrating on the woman a little to the right of the centre, sitting next to the window.

Exposure was a little tricky, I wanted to show the world outside the window, silhouette the people, but at the same time I wanted to keep as much of the inside of the room visible. I measured for the foreground, the table and the floor, reasoning that the film would be able to capture the lighter parts.
This might not work so well with digital, but film has an astonishing ability to capture the lighter parts. The original shows even more detail in the shadows and the light parts, but that get's lost in the jpeg version.

After developing the film I discovered that the developer was past it's working life, the negatives are very very thin. With detail in the shadow, indicating that the exposure was ok, but no density, the negatives where too transparent. The lettering on the side with the frame numbers and make are a good indication when you are in doubt.

I am not sure I would be able to make a decent classic paper print out of these, but with a decent scanning technique you can do a lot :-)