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I think a photograph should tell a story, should be more then just pleasing to the eye.
Even better, for me the story is much more important.

I am done with simple pleasing pictures, like Blue 'n White and some other previous posts.

I want to challenge my viewers to invent their own story, get the imagination to work.
This is a nice example.
I won't even start to explain to you what I see here, you can make that up for yourself.

I also believe in adding layers to a picture, having things happening at several places. Not easy, but very rewarding when you get it right.
That means that you can look several times at a photograph and discover something extra from time to time.
That also worked for me, here.

Also, I don't think anyone with a bit of artistic ambition is ever 100% satisfied.
That would kill the process. We never create the work that does it all, has it all.

For me, there are some flaws here too, something to improve on, next time I try. That's the fun. And for me too know, not for you.