Another Dark one.

Nathalie and I went for a trip by car, just the two of us, very nice. We needed a destination, so I decided on Ronquieres, guessing that it might be a possible location for some nice photos.

I am always interested in Factory buildings and Industrial architecture in general, like this giant .. well, no idea what to call it, actually.
Anyway, it is used to allow ships to be lifted to another level, replacing 14 locks.
I have traveled it twice myself, years ago.

The weather was rather grey, with a little drizzle.

I did some shots of the construction that houses the winches and other mechanics that operate the lock gates, which did work out nice.
Then I looked at these tracks that support the huge caissons and their counter-weights.
What struck me here was the light on the rails and the clouds.
It would have been even better if there would have been an actual ship moving, but that would have taken at least another hour, and it was too cold. Weak, I know, but we where on a trip together, I did not want to ask her to wait that long.